Экономика и финансы

2023/03/20 15:58

всего различаются из экономических услуг, вместе с розничными и компаниями банковскими услугами, страхование, управление капиталом и управление активами включены в рамках наших областей компетенции.

1. Розничные банковские услуги, управление активами и корпоративно-инвестиционные банковские услуги (CIB)
2. Страхование и перестрахование и страховые инвестиции
3. Брокерские услуги, финансовые рынки, аудит и консультирование
4. Управление институциональными и розничными активами
5. Недвижимость, кооперативные инвестиции и инвестиционные фонды.

Economics & Finance
We apprehend the significance of great monetary translations for speaking with your a number of stakeholders, whether or not you are a non-public fairness association or a industrial bank. Our professionals constantly translate and replace sources like annual reports, fund prospectuses, and advertising and marketing substances so that monetary establishments like yours may additionally make them handy to a international audience. It's essential that your documentation are absolutely organized and comprehensible when the stakes are this high. For this reason, solely qualified, pro translators with ride in the monetary enterprise work with our IBF finance and economics teams.

To make certain the clean shipping of your traditional monetary files and each year reports, we provide end-to-end content material services.

Our document manufacturing methods have been personalized to suit all of your necessities and make the manufacturing of these complicated papers easy thanks to our years of experience. Additionally, a dedicated team of economic professionals will work intently with you from writing to translation and design. The econimics and finance archives we translate are as follow:
• Balance Sheet
• Profit and Loss Statement
• Audit Report
• Annual Report
• Insurance Form & Clause
• Benefit Plan
• Outline of Coverage
• Claim Form
• Bank Statement
• Credit Report
• Commercial Loan Application
• Risk Analysis Report
Investment Brokerage:
• Brokerage Account Agreement
• Investment Advisory and Brokerage Services Promotion Material
• Tax Information Statement